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Powerful Creativity.  Practical Approaches.

Brad is driven to create deeply-felt campaigns and stories.  Visceral communication.  Sparked by a single message.   A piece of music.   An evocative shot. 

Combining this intense imagination with grounded common sense.  Working as a consultant and commercial director for top companies and advertising agencies in the nation, he specializes in high-end broadcast and internet media content.  His hallmark is highly-imaginative commercial projects created with practicality and fiscally-sound approaches.  His long-standing relationships with major corporations, agencies, and non-profit organizations is a testament to this professionalism; the celebration of his work by major film festivals and media organizations, such as Sundance Institute, Cucalorus, International Public Television Showcase, the American Jazz Museum, and TBS's World Funniest Commercials, demonstrates the quality and creativity of his product.

In addition to his work as a commercial director, Brad works with programs that support the media arts in the Southeast and the world. This includes the South Carolina Film Commission's Indie Grants, where he produces short film projects by South Carolina filmmakers.  In the three-year life of the program, their projects have been applauded by film festivals such as Palm Springs, Austin Film Festival, L.A. Film Festival, Toronto AfterDark, DragonCon, FantasticFest, Stiges Film Festival, Mediera Film Festival, and the Cleveland International Film Festival.  He also founded and oversees the Young Filmmakers Project, a high-school filmmaking competition introducing the next generation of filmmakers to the technical and creative aspects of media arts.

Though traveling far and wide, he is proudly a Southern storyteller and filmmaker; as a son of the South, he recognizes the immense storytelling and rich culture in his home region, and has dedicated himself to the advancement of its communities and production industry.